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23 Mar

The Fashion Interview | Pamela Rota, creative director of Warloom

As part of my job, I’m always searching for new talented designers and brand characterized by excellence and quality.

Warloom is an Italian label that I appreciate and love since some years. Born and raised in Italy, each product is handmade with high quality leathers and took inspiration from the world of 50s circus.

What I love about Warloom? Very easy question. Their base concept dedicated to all the indipendent women out there ( yes you can start listening to Destiny’s Child song while reading ) that are extremely cool, self confident and classy. And above all, I adore Pamela, the founder and creative mind of the brand. Tall, blonde, beautiful, with a fierce attitude and a gentle soul.

And Pamela today gives us a very deep interview about Warloom world and her own world.

How was born Warloom and why did you choose this name for your own brand?

Warloom is a fantasy name, inspired by the world of the 50s American circus.

Which is the main source of inspiration for your work?

I draw inspiration from the world of the circus, in constant motion as modern women who inspired me for my creations. The colors of circus are vibrant, there is an air of magic and joy, the world of acrobats and of clowns who are both playful but with a little decadent aura.

Tell us something about your Spring / Summer 2017, which is the concept of the collection?

Is inspired by Canada, to be exact to the Canadian circus and then to the forests and to the typical colors of Fall of that great nation.

What would you like to communicate through your bags? What message would you like to come to the people who decide to wear a Warloom?

The female world is in constantly changing, a woman who is wearing a Warloom bag is both a business woman, a mother and a woman who goes out and amazed and consequently her ideal bag must adapt to every circumstance, be comfortable and, at the same time, has determination and an identity to be shown.

What is the must-have bag of your new collection? The one you could would never live without?

I love Arlette ( the name of the founder of the Gruss circus) in black leather and python rock, a perfect combination of elegance and practicality.

In your imagination, how is the woman who wears your bags?

The Warloom woman is definitely a woman busy on multiple fronts, like social, family, work, traveling and interested in art.

What are the three must-haves for Pamela Rota and the 3 flop? And to what trend you say Yes and No?

I would never give away to Kaftan in Summer, a Warloom leather and python bag and a big hat to be used under the sun. I don’t appreciate look too heavy and built for the Summer, I love the simplicity, in order to give more space to accessories.

Is there is a character in the world of fashion, film, entertainment or in your life who has influenced you the most?

I have worked with worldwide famous designers, like Tom Ford, Armani, I love Uma Thurman who has grit and a strong personality and is so beautiful.

Your collection was welcomed with enthusiasm by the fashion addicts, press and buyers, sanctioning an absolute successful debut. What are your future plans? Do you have a dream you want to become reality?

To this day I consider myself really lucky, because despite the wide competition, Warloom is a brand that has soared in a very deep way in a big panorama as that of fashion accessories, we continue in our plan of opening both multi-brand stores and single-brand. In China we will open two later this year and in the US in Denver a totally avant-garde concept store. My my biggest dream is to ensure that every woman can wear a Warloom bag!


Thank you Pamela!



8 Gen


Carolina Ogliaro The World C parka faux fur patch parka with patch Stella Mc Cartney

2017 has just started and for the first time in this moment, I’m not as quite lazy as always. My mind and body are all projected in this new year even if one of my resolutions is to live by now, not thinking to much about the future. I wanna enjoy every single moment to the fullest and I wanna let everything go with the flow.

Did you made some resolutions for this 2017? I have a list of around 20 pages so I’m ready to rock it like never before.

Last Fall/Winter has seen coming on stage ( again!) my obsession with parka and patches. This is one of my favorite, with patches on and comes from Missy Empire. You can find it with black faux-fur like mine and also in white and pink . There are also a version in denim and metallic silver. And they are at 50% off!!

TGIS! ( Thanks God It’s Sale )

Also my Falabella sunglasses by Stella McCartney from RedHotSunglasses are still in stock! I always give you so good news I know.


11 Dic

Christmas Gifts Guide | The Sunglasses edition

Christmas is just around the corner and, like every year, the race to the gifts is already started. For years, I was one of those people who bought gifts at last minute but let me say that this is the worst thing. As to not arrive with empty-hands, sometimes we made due with a non-thought gift that in the end we realize is too banal and impersonal. For a couple of years, I start soon to think about the right gift for my friends and family. What they like, if they prefer a surprise, a necessary item or unnecessary. I love Christmas and I love much more doing gifts to make happy my beloved people that's why I have prepared for you...
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16 Nov

The most beautiful accessory is the smile ( and a bag of course! )

Give me Paris, a sunny day, some wind in my hair, a cozy blazer and my favorite bag and I will be forever happy AF.

If you had the facts that I had just made a fantastic shooting, treated myself with a special gift and saw some brilliant collections it was easy found me full of happiness.

Behind me the recently re-opened Ritz, don’t forget to pay a visit as soon as you come to Paris.



11 Nov

Björn Borg X Craig Green, the capsule collection that change the traditional concept of sportswear

Björn Borg. Iconic tennis player, was number one in the world and is considered among the greatest player in tennis history. He was the first professional male to win 11 Grand Slam titles. Craig Green. London designer with a unique sense of fashion, who goes beyond trend and is a synonymous of pure avantgarde and innovation, always inspired from clean Asian designs. He is renowned for his unisex and gender neutral qualities Two influential personalities together for the capsule collection of the year, that is ready to change the traditional concept of sportwear. Sporty looks with a touch of glamour and sophistication that make every single piece and outfit perfect also for work, daily routine or a special date...
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1 Nov

The 8 new talented designers you need to watch for the next season

The fashion month is over and, like every time, it has been crazy and excited. More than ever I feel so happy and grateful to have done so many experiences and see and touch new collections. The big and renowned name of the fashion industry enchanted and made the catwalks on fire. Standing ovations have shaken people and places but also warm welcomes have freezen designers hearts. Instead of writing about my impressions of famous brands new S/S 2017 collection I would like to introduce you to the 10 new designers to watch for the next season. The common features are talent, magic, passion, creativity, good taste and strenght. That's basically why I love being involved with these guys...
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26 Ott

Meet me in Paris baby

Meet me in Paris
Under the stars
And I’ll be there
Wherever you are
The love in the air is
Filling my heart
So meet me in Paris
Under the stars

Meet me in Paris – Dj Antoine

Paris is always the place to be for me. Paris is always my right choice.

It can be in Summer, for Christmas or for fashion week but being in Paris always mean everything.

During my last stay I enjoyed a hot cup of tea at Angelina in between some meetings with so interesting new emerging designers and I fell in love with these pillars in Rue de Rivoli. I’m so attracted by Parisian architecture, it’s so majestic but elegant.

I also made a little video to show you my happiness of being in my city of Love and also to show you how cute are my fringes dancing! If you love fringes coat take a look at StyleWe because their selection is more than words!


Carolina Ogliaro The World C street style Paris fashion week Warloom MiniMe leather jacket giacca in pelle

15 Ott

Paula Cademartori & Kartell, the capsule collection that will be the best seller of S/S 2017

The most loved Brazilian designer in the fashion industry signs the new capsule collection for Kartell à la mode, which will be on sale from January 2017.

Paula Cademartori, born in Brazil but Italian by adoption, in 2010 founded her eponymous brand of bags and shoes. Her products have always been synonymous with great attention to detail, fit of high quality materials accompanied by an unmatched creative design. Needless to say, the same values ​​animate the brand Kartell, the Italian giant of design founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and now at the helm with Claudio Luti. Iconic pieces of the maison are the Louis Ghost and Victoria Ghost  chairs as well as the Bourgie lamps and now collaborates with designers such as Philippe Starck, Pietro Lissoni, Front and Marcel Wanders.

The Kartell à la mode project, created in 2008, brings the designer brand to join forces with some of the most excellent fashion brands, with which it shares the core values. Just think of the past partnership with Moschino, NormaLuisa and N° 21.

Creativity, quality, precious materials.

And for the new season, is up to Paula Cademartori taking up a collection that will include a bag, Parati, and a pair of sandals, Claudia, from floral flavor and contamination from the natural world in different colors with a strong visual impact. Denote the bouquet of flowers recreated on the surface of the bag and sandals, all-plastic, with two hands coming together to give shape to a heart.

The new S / S 2017 season must-have? The answer is very simple … Of course, yes, yes, yes. Triple applause for creativity and the Made in Italy and to those products that will be sold out very quickly.


paula cademartori kartell carolina ogliaro

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