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19 Feb

Proteggi la tua casa con Yale e Linus® Smart Lock

Questo particolare momento storico ci ha cambiati.

Ha modificato le nostre abitudini, il nostro stile di vita, le nostre priorità… Abbiamo visto tutto stravolgersi senza poter fare nulla se non accettando il cambiamento ed essere resilienti.

I cambiamenti sono come tornado che ci attraversano, creano degli tsunami interiori e sta a noi scegliere come reagire ad essi… Esatto, scegliere. Non farsi trascinare dagli eventi ma decidere come affrontarli. Ho sempre pensato che i cambiamenti non siano negativi ma siano un qualcosa che ci può permettere di crescere ed evolvere, se non visto come un ostacolo ma come una opportunità.

21 Gen

How to Keep Your Yard Looking Great, Even While Renting

Renting a home can be a great option for people who move around a lot due to their jobs or for those who haven’t quite figured out where they want to plant roots.

It’s much easier to sign a lease for a year or even month-to-month than struggling to do everything that comes with homeownership. There’s also the added benefit of not having to fix things that break on the house such as an expensive air conditioner or other items that can be pricey to fix or replace.

18 Gen

Dancing and Life | Update on Day 8

As I wrote you in the previous article about Dancing and Life program, I would like to give you an update as today I am on my day 8 of 30. Dancing and Life is really having a positive and motivating impact on my daily life!

You know that movement and dance are powerful forces. Dance has helped us express ourselves. It helps us celebrate; it helps in conducting rituals. In dance, we can seek abundance. In dance, we can mourn. Through dance, we can socialize. And that is what makes dance such an important tool for the people who are facing a challenge or crisis during this hard times.

12 Gen

Dancing and Life

Dancing and Life is a company that provides free and premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life. It will teach you the power of movement and dance to help you feel better now.

Dancing and Life is for everyone. You don’t have to be a dancer or even have rhythm or dancing skills; what matters is the movement and the intent behind it.

11 Nov

November favorite | Lockdown edition

First of all, I hope that from wherever you are reading me now you are all good and safe.

I have entered my second week of lockdown here in Italy and in some way it impacted me in a different way since last time. Maybe because I already felt on my skin what being lockdown in a red zone means but is I took it in a worst way than before, emotionally speaking. But I don’t wanna let myself go down or complain because I am more lucky than lot of other people who are currently struggling with this illness so…let’s cheer up and be positive.

30 Set

Con Valmont l’arte incontra la bellezza a Venezia

Il profumo è una espressione della nostra anima.

Ogni mattina ci svegliamo con un umore o una attitudine diversa dal giorno precedente e per questo, inconsciamente o consciamente, lo comunichiamo all’esterno con l’abbigliamento o con gli accessori.

Lo stesso vale per la scelta del profumo. Un esplosivo e vivace bouquet oppure un accordo sensuale e decadente.

16 Lug

Interview | Holly Hutchinson, CEO of Memoize London

Whenever I have the chance to discover a new niche fragrance and, above all, the person behind it, I get extremely happy. And when the creator is a woman, more than ever because I am a strong believer and supporter of women empowerment and women who support other women.

Memoize London is at the moment one of my favorite brand in the niche sector. Their fragrances are unique, fascinating and captivating. Everything, from the bottle to the fragrance itself, is made with a particular care to details and knowledge of the market.

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