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6 Feb

Dancing and Life | Day 27

My experience with Dancing and Life is almost coming to an end and I couldn’t be more excited and happy to have started it almost 27 days ago!

How time flies fast when you are enjoying what you are doing!

I would like to share with you another update as I am on my day 27th.

For today the challenge of the program is to share a video of my “me time.” Go somewhere into nature (a beach, a park, your backyard). Sit in silence for 5 minutes (phones off). Write down on pen and paper what came up for me and let the community know. 

It gave me a feeling of freedom and power, like having a strong contact to my soul, my inner child and my real and deepest desires.

It’s terrific that you are protecting yourself from overdoing it and running at full charge all the time by scheduling self-care or downtime.  

I’m glad to see that you are aware that even the best intentions can be overdone if you don’t give yourself a break.  

We all need to schedule time off to heal.

How are you feeling? 
What are the ways you’re disconnecting this year? 


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