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Interview | Holly Hutchinson, CEO of Memoize London

Whenever I have the chance to discover a new niche fragrance and, above all, the person behind it, I get extremely happy. And when the creator is a woman, more than ever because I am a strong believer and supporter of women empowerment and women who support other women.

Memoize London is at the moment one of my favorite brand in the niche sector. Their fragrances are unique, fascinating and captivating. Everything, from the bottle to the fragrance itself, is made with a particular care to details and knowledge of the market.

Holly Hutchinson is one of the upcoming and most talented nose in the niche fragrances sector. She developed niche fragrance products for over 7 years in a top global fragrance house but now she prefers to create using a different vision, in a way that suits her much more.

And is with a great pleasure that I introduce you to Holly and Memoize London world through this interview that she gave to me.

1) MEMOIZE PERFUME Is one of the leading and most interesting upcoming labels in the niche fragrance sector. You have worked for several years in a renowned fragrance maison, what trigged you to start working on your own project?

After successfully rebranding the fragrances in my previous role, I found the experience incredibly enjoyable. With all my acquired skills in production, a keen eye for design and a nose for amazing perfumes, I felt it was the perfect time for me to take a leap of faith and start my own brand. With the freedom to create, design, and innovate; focusing on matters close to my heart such as sustainability, individuality and supporting small businesses, I created the Memoize brand, and we are flourishing! 

2) What does MEMOIZE means for you? What does it represents?

Memoize is a part of me. It’s the ability to embrace our own personal life story and the journey we all individually take through life. 

3) From what do you take inspirations in life as in the creation of a fragrance?

Our memories and personal adventures, our interactions and experiences, our happiness, love, family. All of life’s experiences are our inspiration. A perfume gives life another dimension, to everything we encounter. 

4) Among all the fragrances you have created until today, if you could choose one only, which would you name your favorite and why.

Luxuria is divine. It is the scent I created to wear on my wedding day. Everytime i wear it, I am transported back to that special day. 

5) You have two main collections, The Dark Range and The Light Range. The first is mysterious, opulent, sensual and deep while the second one is lighter, floral, fruity and fresh. Tell us something more about these lines and how was born the idea of one dedicate to the Seven Sins and the other one to the Heavenly Virtues

The dark range was inspired by the stories of the seven sins. As our collection was composed of rich, evocative scents, we felt the story partnered well together.When launching the seven virtues, we focused on comparatively lighter, fruity, floral and oriental notes which balanced out our brand and our collection, giving a diverse range of scents for our customers.

6) Now I would like to know your personal recommendation for which of your fragrances pick for the Summer 2020 fragrance. One from The Dark Range and one from The Light range

For the Summer – Luxuria or Superbia are great from the dark range, and Humilitas and Humanitas from the light range. 

7) IMPERIA is the fragrance you have created with one of the most famous European male influencers, Rowan Row. How was born this beautiful collaboration with him?

Rowan and I knew each other for over 8 years. We had the great idea to work together on this special project, which turned out to be a great success! He worked closely with Memoize to develop the product name, design and story and we launched in store at Selfridges in May 2019.

8) Is there a particular message that you want to convey with Memoize and your scents?

Memoize is a British brand, which prides itself on its sustainable and cruelty free beliefs.  We are unique, using handmade components and we provide luxury through our quality scents and design.

9) If you could mention the biggest achievment you had with Memoize, which one will you choose?

Our biggest success has been our growth. Within the first 6 months of launching our brand we successfully launched in the prestigious Selfridges store in London.
At the end of year 2 of trading we are successfully sold in over 100 stores and recognised Internationally. 

10) Are there any new exciting projects planned for the last part of 2020 and beginning of 2021? Maybe can we expect a launch of a new fragrance?

We are launching 2 new perfumes later this year (2020) Ghzlah – is a collaboration with a middle eastern influencer – known on snapchat to have 2 million followers. – Launching August 2020Isla Rose – a scent inspired and dedicated to my daughter (the scent will launch on her 1st Birthday)50ml perfumes are launching in August 2020.


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