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18 Dic

Interview | Madame Marie-Hélène Rogeon, from Les Parfums de Rosine

Les Parfums de Rosine is one the most iconic French labels of the niche perfumery.  

Created in 1911 by Paul Poiret, his wife Denise and Dr. Midy, at 107 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore in Paris, Les Parfums de Rosine is the first perfume company established by a fashion designer. 

Marie-Hélène Rogeon was born into a family of perfume makers and her big loves are intact scents and roses.

Madame Rogeon has recently come to Italy for the launch of the collection ” Les Extravagants” and I made her an interview about her brand and the new line of scents, dedicated to the Millennials.,

1) Les Parfums de Rosine is an icon. Is a lighthouse in the niche fragrances sector. What is the heritage of the label? What are the features that have continued over many years?

I feel that the main heritage we want to preserve is the sophistication of the brand which is expressed by refined details and high quality of the fragrances. We have continued to adorn our bottles with decoration made of organdi and silk pompons. We are also very concerned about the quality of the distribution of our brand, in high end boutiques and stores to keep the characteristics of a luxury brand.

2) All the scents created by the Maison have the rose as note. How was born this eternal love between the brand and this flower?

The rose has always been part of the brand LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE. The first perfume created in 1911 was LA ROSE DE ROSINE, a beautiful powdery rose, and the rose is the emblema of the brand, designed by Paul Iribe.  Then it became the moto of the creation of our perfumes. In addition, I have to say that I am a passionate of roses, in my Picardie garden, and as a perfumer, I consider that ROSE ESSENCE and ROSE ABSOLUE are the most beautiful ingredients offered for the creation. The rose fragrances are infinite and smelling rose makes you happy !!

3) The bottle is a real work of art and remind the ones of the scents of 20s-30s. Is this a fil rouge that connect the roots of the label with this era?

We designed the bottle in 1991 and since that time, we kept the same shape, very sensual, simple, eternal. This is the first contact with the perfume, and we wanted it to be soft, round, with no asperity. We continue using this bottle and we are ourselves surprised to see how modern it can be, with different colors and different finish, powdery or glossy.

4) If you could choose only one, which fragrance will be your favorite one among all? 

Our first perfume LA ROSE DE ROSINE remains my favourite. I go from one to another of course, but each time, I wear LA ROSE DE ROSINE, the femininity of this soft and deep fragrance is exceptional. 

5) How was born the cooperation with the histrionic LeSnob?

Robert Lussier, one of the creator of the accessory line LESNOB, has always been a great fan of LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE and a regular customer at the Palais Royal boutique. We became friends and when Robert asked me to create for him perfumes, I say yes ! The accessories are very luxury and top quality, intended to a high class distribution (Hankyu, Ginza 6 in Japan, Le Printemps in Paris for a pop up store). This is a great partnership.

6) The brand new collection, Les Extravagants, is a real turning point of the story of Les Parfums de Rosine, a real connection with the millennials and young generation. 4 new scents very modern and cosmopolitan, where was born the idea of this line?

This is Louis Rogeon’s idea, who is now our Artisitic Director and a street-artist at the same time. Louis is passionate in colors and worked on 4 complementary colors for the bottles as for the creation of a decor. The idea is that we also live with our pefume bottles and we like them to be beautiful. We also wanted to create a very unisex line, aimed to young generation. This was the brief given to the perfumers : unisex fragrances, each expressing the color of the bottle. The great talent of Michel Almairac and Delphine Lebeau gave us novative fragrances, quite different from the rest of the collection.

7) Bois Fuchsia, Bleu Abysse, Vanille Paradoxe and Eloge du Vert are the 4 fragrances of Les Extravagants, can you anticipate us that if in 2019 we will see other new in for this collection?

We are not considering right now a new fragrance in this line for next year, but Louis is working on a new line on the idea of ROSES DE PAPIER. Very modern fragrances expressing the rose in a more imaginative and artistic way

.8) And now a little game. Can you associate each of this 4 fragrances to a woman of our era?

VANILLE PARADOXE : Patricia Petitbon

ELOGE DU VERT : Charlotte Gainsbourg

BOIS FUCHSIA : Vanessa Paradis

BLEU ABYSSE : Juliette Binoche

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