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Online entertainment is a real way to reduce stress

The pandemic has put our lives to the test. It upset and completely changed it. After this particular historical moment, every person will come out changed … who will be able to make resilience his strong point and will have understood the importance of respecting our planet and all living beings and of giving value to what is really important will come out the winner, who instead comes out “nasty” will succumb to the passage of time.

The forced time at home also made us discover new interests and new ways to dispose of the stress caused by having to stay indoors. One of these is definitely the online entertainment and the games.

The games we played during our childhood made a strong come back but, above all, we have seen a powerful raise of online gaming. I must confess that the online gaming website that I knew was Kongregate, where I was used to play the Ninja Turtles and League of Angels. But now, since some of my friends use online games to release the stress of being at home and to spend time in a joyful and carefree way, I decided to give a try again and I fell in love with Plays that is a super funny platform which offers several kind of free games.

The thing I love the most is that you can play straight from the browser, so you don’t have to download any kind of app and you can play from your computer, which for me is actually they best as the screen is bigger that the one of your mobile. Then another beautiful feature of Plays is that, unlike other games platforms, you don’t have to pay for upgrade, you don’t have to log in or register and the games are just for fun and not aim to alter your identity or make you addicted. Games are funny and Plays doesn’t promote the ludopathy. Their concept is easy, simple and valuable… since we are stuck at home, let’s try to enjoy the time with some funny games that can make us smile!

The website is always expanding, currently there are more than 150 free games but new ones are added every day!

Now I am sure you would like to know which games I play and the ones I like the most are the ones that in some way reminded my child time or the ones that have funny and nice characters! Since you know I love so much Christmas time, I am a huge fan of Santa Bomber 3D! The layout is amazing as is full of snow, pines, sleighs with presents and even sounds are typical of Santa’s Oh-Oh. The game itself is made of 20 isometric level destruction where you have to defeat all the ghosts by bombing them in order to upgrade the level. Basically you have to drop a bomb near a ghost or a crates to blow them up. Important is that you have to back away from the bomb before it detonates or you will loose. Don’t get touch by the ghosts or you will loose the same! Bomb all the ghosts and you will win the level.Repeat the above process until you have blown up all the ghosts. I have not yet reached the end as it seems easy but is not! If you like Christmas like me, check also Christmas Furious that is a Flappy Bird inspired game where you are Santa and you have the sleigh and the reindeer who guide you. The sleigh naturally falls over time unless you tap the screen or click your mouse button to control Santa’s elevation. You have to avoid absolutely the red and yellow blocks and collect the presents.

Another one I like a lot, that I have almost ended ( here I am a real PRO lol ) is Shadowrold Adventure and both the music and the layout are so cute! You are the little ninja and you have in 2 minutes to collect coins and avoid or stomp on enemies that you can find through the level, then you have to find and grab the key in order to unlock the green button and jump on it to go to the next level. Is made of 50 level and is inspired by the one and only Super Mario Bros.

Last but not least, I also like so much ( and I am sure you will understand why ) is Find The Pug: Hidden Objects Dog game I love dogs so this one for me is way too cute! You have to find out the pug in a sea of dogs and guys believe me is so hard but so funny! You have to check all the dogs to find the ONE pug hidden in them. Then you have to click on the pug before the time runs out. As you advance through the levels the dogs get smaller while the playing field grows larger.

I forgot to mention The Sorcer! Is the one I play the most and I was almost forgetting to mention it. This one is fast-paced ball chain game where you must shoot three balls of the same color in a row and it is inspired by Zuma. You have to simply place your cursor near balls of the same color as the one in your right hand and click your mouse to shoot your ball. Repeatedly make 3 in a row and destroy all balls in the chain before the ball chain gets to the exit point. In the case you break a chain and balls of the same color are on either side of the chain it will pull the front chain back and can cause a secondary reaction. I am really lovin’ a lot this one!

Did you ever try any games at Plays? And which one is your favorite? I am so curious to try new ones! Remember that Plays promotes a wise way of gaming without addictions or alter the personalities but wants to put the focus on the funny and joyful side of gaming! Games can release the stress and free your mind so just play and have fun!

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