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24 Feb

Interview | Celso Fadelli for Como Lake

In Italy there is an hidden gem that every year attracts thousand of tourist. Famous, iconic and luxurious and considered the most beautiful in the world, Como Lake has enchanted, throughout the centuries, travelers, artists and celebrities.

And to the renowned lake is dedicated the brand new collection COMO LAKE, created by Celso Fadelli and his team.

Mr. Celso Fadelli is a pioneer of Artistic Perfumery and founder of Intertrade Group, he has dedicated his career to the mission of creating artistic fragrances and projects that stimulate cured olfactory experiences. In over 30 years as leader and fragrance curator of Intertrade Group, he built the most evolved and sophisticated International platform in the sector of contemporary perfumery. Under the artistic and strategic direction of Fadelli, Intertrade creates, develops, and markets the most interesting International brands of researched perfumery. The company takes care of all steps of a fragrance’s journey, from its creation, to its naming, packaging, marketing, and communication.    

Fadelli is also the creator of UNSCENT cultural events. The UNSCENT project was born in Milan in 2013 and is specialised in organising and hosting events associated to the fascinating world of artistic perfumery.

But now is time to let Celso Fadelli drive us inside the depths of Como Lake.

1) Como Lake is the new collection of perfumes inspired by Lake Como. How did the idea for this line come about?

The idea stems from the desire to give a contemporary olfactory identity to Lake Como. A geographical area increasingly recognized globally as a paradise for residents and exclusive moments in contact with emotions and nature unique in the world.

2) Why did you choose to dedicate it to Lake Como?

Each lake is able to express deep feelings, to be magical inspirer and accelerator of strong emotions, up and down. The live contents of Lake Como are expressed in the Como Lake collection in the union between the works for piano in harmony with olfactory sensations. Everything is protected in bottles with a contemporary look that reflect the green-blue colors of the depths of the lake.

3) In fact every fragrance is associated to a famous musical composition, was born the fragrance first and then the musical association or was it the music that inspired the fragrance?

These are the tumults of the soul produced by musical harmonies experienced as emotional themes of the lake, which have inspired and created the olfactory sensations.

4) Among the 5 fragrances which is his favorite and why?

Each fragrance required rounds and days of work, in search of the musical theme in convergence with its olfactory creation. There is no one of my favorite, they have been approved when we have heard and found them perfect with our wonderful team, each of them.

5) Personally, among the 5, I choose NOTTURNO, for the contrast between conscious and unconscious and for the desire to go deep beyond the surface, metaphor linked to water but also to life itself. What are your feelings about this fragrance?

In Notturno, one of Chopin’s most beloved piano works, he lives the contrast, the victory of darkness over light. Two souls that alternate in our life like every day around the lake, able to wrap and sink our thoughts in the shadows and sometimes, in melancholy. But the darkness allows us to feel protected from the light to take refuge in our innermost and deepest thoughts waiting for a new day. Like the last distilled notes of Opera 9, after the torment comes harmony, opening to life and the hope of the new day.

6) The packaging reflects the nuances of the water while the shape of the lake is represented on the top of the cap. How important is it for the bottle to reflect the mood of the fragrance?

In a fragrance that aspires to the call of the art, the coherence among all the elements, even the least perceptible ones, is fundamental. Like a work of art, it must be gradually revealed, little by little, to surprise us in its thoroughness and in the profound passion with which it was created. In the Como Lake package there is a bit of all the iconic experience of the lake, the colors, the circular waves, its construction form a cone of mountains that protects it. Just know how to recognize them.

7) Is this a 2019 perfume of the Como Lake line planned for this 2019?

It is expected, we have been working on it for some time. We hope to unveil it before the summer.

The collection is available at Avery Perfume Gallery.

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