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The Fashion Interview | Yaz Bukey

The talent of Yaz Bukey and her brand YazBukey is renowned worldwide. Her bags and accessories have a trademark that let them recognized all the time.

Playful, ironic and statement, the bags signed by the Queen of Plexiglass are fierce and with a subtle glamorous irony. The bold earrings and necklace are able to revamp any basic looks and Yaz has also lunched some clothing pieces, broaches, shoe charms and Iphone cases.

A piece from Yaz Bukey is a must to have in the closet of every fashionista and of every girl who wanna be cool and radical chic at the same time. We all have to Yazette.

But now let Yaz talk about at herself and her brand at 360°.

I imagine there was a moment where your passion for accessories wanted to become something more. When you decided to turn it into a job? How was born your brand?

My first interest was music being on scene, performance and all that went along with that was inspiring me. Got my eyes open to all kind of arts through my parents, ended up in Paris, did studio Bercot and after working with designers such as Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott I decided to launch our accessory brand with my sister . We used accessories that became our tools for story telling, our playground for performances through trompe l’œil and surréalist pièces

So was born Yazbukey in 2000!

What is your main source of inspiration?

Basically everything! Life is an inspiration and dreams are as well. I get inspired 24/7 🙂

Tell us about the Spring / Summer 2017 collection, which is its leitmotif?

It’s about a gang if girls getting ready in their garage for an illegal car race. I wanted 70’s disco inspired sexy Yazettes , bold girls , No fear just fun!

What message would you like to transmit to the people who choose your accessories?

Be creative and fearless, express yourself through Yazbukey accessories

Your plexiglass accessories add some fun and coolness to any outfit. What is the must-have accessory of the next collection? The one that most represents you?

I can’t chose one particular piece but I would say start with our signature C’est ahh lips to become first part of Yazbukeyland !

In your imagination, how is the woman who wears your products?

Strong personalities, playful persons, girls with a message to give!

In general, talking about trends, what are for you the three must-haves items and the three flop?

I don’t look at trends, I just follow my mood and intuition

There is a character in the world of fashion, film, entertainment or in your own life that has influenced you the most?

There are so many here’s a shortlist. I would say Bob Fosse as an entertainment God, John Waters or Blake Edwards, Gene Kelly, Liza Minnelli……

Your collection was welcomed with enthusiasm by the fashion addicts, press and buyers, sanctioning an absolute successful debut. What are your future plans?

Lots of secret plans getting prepared for next year. Preparing our next presentation, so excited about it, we will launch Yazbukey beachwear and jeans next season

Secret dream?

Yazbukey shoes! Wishes come true don’t they?


Thank you Yaz and personally I can’t wait to see the beachwear, the jeans and most of all your shoes!


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