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25 Nov

IFGICT And IBM Have Collaborated to Enhance the Awareness for ICT Standards

IFGICT and IBM are the two international organizations working tirelessly to enhance the growth of communication technology. Both have different perspectives and goals to carry on. However, these organizations recently partnered on 15 th  Sep 2021 and announced that they would develop awareness about ICT standards. 

ICT standards are set by IFGICT, an independent organization in the United States, and is involved in developing the standards for information, communication, and business technology. It has introduced numerous standards and certifications for different industries to reduce the issues of cybersecurity and data leakage. 

The four major certifications that it offers to various organizations include: 

  •  Cyber Security Standard 
  •  AI Standards 
  •  Healthcare Standard
  •  ICT Standard

UNFCCC – CDM has recently nominated IFGICT as a qualified services provider to deliver training, counseling, and effective technology execution inthe ICT sector. 

IFGICT has established an ICT standard, which refers to a series of sustainability guidelines for all ICT goods, services, and organizations tangled in the information, communication, and technology industry. They may be involved in the production, research, and development or are the end-users. The standard offers fundamental principles and strategies to organizations, producers, and service providers to foster a strategy that can aid them in attaining green business certification provided by IFGICT. 

IFGICT performs a general audit and awards Green IT business certification to the organizations fulfilling the green ICT standards founded by IFGICT.

When a business has this certification, it means it has taken a practical attempt for the environmental health and overall world community. And it has ensured environmental conservation to save it for upcoming generations. Thus, IFGICT is trying to ensure environment conservation by developing such standards for the ICT industry. 

On the other hand, IBM stands for international business machines corporation to develop software, hardware, cloud, and cognitive computing. It is currently providing information technology infrastructure services and producing innovative technology that allows digital transformation. 

IBM focuses on revolutionizing private infrastructure, cloud services, risk reduction, business continuity improvement, and digital workplace services. But its services aren’t just limited to information, communication, and technology.

It has many other products and services for different sectors.  

Final Verdict

Though both organizations have different motives, they are still involved in the ICT industry in one way or another. IFGICT is establishing standards, and IBM is manufacturing ICT products which give them a common edge. Therefore, both organizations have announced in September to enhance awareness for ICT standards because it’s essential for almost every organization to meet these standards and conserve our environment. ICT standard ensures every organization makes a strategy having minimal to no harm to the environment. 

So, hopefully, this collaboration will be a great movement in the ICT industry, and it will help reduce the harmful impacts of ICT products.

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