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24 Feb

Gothic Style by Photoshopped

Photoshop can make an incredible difference and really help enhance a photo.

It can even create a brand new look to a photo, like this one. The before photo appears to be taken during the day, and in the photoshopped photo, it looks like it was taken in the middle of the night.
The first photo is also very bland and does not appear to be very gothic at all.

The photoshopped photo has a very mystical feel to it. The person in
the photo looks like they are about to embark on a mission to find a
vampire in the photoshopped version. His or her entire outfit is
enhanced, creating a more dramatic look. In the before photo, the person
looks blurry and it is difficult to see the details of their outfit. The bats
that were added to the photoshopped version add incredible detail. It
makes the location feel much more chilling. It sends your imagination to
many different places, trying to figure out where the bats came from. All
of the bats in the sky make it look like the person has been summoned to
be there. Also, notice the ground. The before photo looks like there is
either cement or dead grass, and it makes the photo somewhat
unappealing. Then, the after photo appears to have an entire field before
reaching the building. This helps expand your imagination as far as what
there could be beyond the photo. It also gives the photo a lot more detail
and overall just looks better. A dead tree was also added to the photo, to
give a frightening effect. The first photo makes the building look a lot less
threatening than the second photo. People are less scared to approach
haunted-looking buildings in the daylight. In the photoshopped photo,
the gothic building gives off an “Enter if you dare” vibe. Many people
would be too scared to even get this close to the building. Especially with
all of the bats surrounding it.

In the first photo, the church itself is a gothic structure. It appears to have a very beautiful design that could have been dated from a long time ago. If it was a normal church, it would not embody the gothic wind at all. The friar goes along with the church, but appears more goth because he is hooded, we cannot see him and is covered in black from head to toe. Because we cannot see his face, it gives off a very gothic, mysterious vibe. We cannot tell if he is just a friar, a vampire, a wizard, or possibly even a ghost! The magic wand makes you think that it is not just a friar walking towards the church, but a very powerful, magical person. The ring and the necklace just add extra detail to the spiritual/supernatural nature of the photo.

Perhaps the jewelry also has a magical element to it when worn, from being charmed or even cursed. While all these factors prove the photo to be very gothic, the photoshopped version is what really completes the photo. Bats have always known to be favored by gothic people, and are often known to transform into vampires in fiction. The bats make you feel like this is a temple that vampires live in and not just a church. The dead branches and dark sky give the photo a more haunted feel. The branches show that the tree never got much sunlight and died, which means it is often dark there. Vampires love darkness, it is how they survive. The dark, cloudy sky just proves that the sun does not come out much in this area. If vampires and this location were real, and there was any place that vampires would choose to live, it would definitely be here.

The suit and gothic dresses really give off a vampire vibe, and match the above photos perfectly.

The gothic dresses especially are a reminder of who could be inside the church with the bats, which could potentially be vampires. The makeup look for the gothic dresses would be vampire glamour. For the skin, I would use a light concealer for making my skin look pale/fair. I would avoid using any foundation because it would darken the skin tone. A rose-colored blush to give the cheeks some color. A pale toned setting powder would also be helpful to make sure the makeup is long-lasting. An eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel with a brush should be used in order to shape and accentuate the eyebrows. The eyebrows really depend on the person and what suits them best. Thick eyebrows are currently trending, but vampires tend to have thinner eyebrows.

Red, brown, or black eyeshadow would be best for this look. A smokey eye blending black and red would be ideal. You could also just use black eyeshadow. The eyeliner would ideally be black, using liquid eyeliner on the top lid and give a winged look and then an eyeliner pencil for the bottom eyelid. This will make the eyes pop. For the lipstick, black lipstick would go perfect with the suit and gothic dresses. A bold red or purple lip would also go well with these looks. Mostly black makeup can be okay for a look like this, but sometimes it is fun to give the look a pop of color, to make the person’s lip feature stand out. It would be okay to change the suit to one of the gothic dresses. All of the gothic dresses give off a very similar vibe that is dark and mystical. The dresses are more fashionable, which sometimes can make a photo more enjoyable to look at. The suit has a hood that does have a nice image but results in showing less detail to hair and makeup. The role of the clothing is to look powerful, and possible have magical powers.

The gothic dresses are beautiful and have a fantasy representation. They really make you want to use your imagination.

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