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13 Apr

Beauty | [ comfort zone ] Body Week

The outward wellness passes, first of all, through the inner, it’s impossible to feel good outside if you are not good with yourself on there inside. This philosophy is the basis of [comfort zone], Italian beauty brand born in Parma in 1996 and that clearly distinguishes the sector of skincare of Davines Group, founded in 1983 by the family Bollati, where science and passion blend together to create a com...
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7 Dic

Beauty | October My Beauty Box

The cold Fall turns into an icy Winter, the closet appear the first sweaters and cool drinks are transformed into teas and hot chocolate. With the change of season is also denotes a desire to start over and start again from scratch, perhaps dedicating ourselves to a new hobby or a new love. The important thing is to be and feel glamorous and flawless even in moments of leisure and work and just that was dedicate...
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24 Nov

Beauty | Divina eau de toilette by Mediterranea

Inside an ancient villa.

A cascade of blond hair shining like liquid gold, a long, black as night, dress from deep neckline that reveals her bare back. A baroque petineuse reflects the image of a woman devoted to prepare herself before an important way out … Lucente hair, natural but flawless makeup, she looks like a real 50s Diva, mysterious but conscious of her intoxicating charm. As a finishing t...
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22 Nov

Coccole Onlus by Nir Lagziel – 2015 Vietnam & Cambodia trip

Nir Lagziel is an Israeli designer transplanted to Italy and I really appreciate him for his collections that combine the pure and essential love for Japan and the Hawaiian culture. But even more I admire Nir Lagziel as a man who for 13 years has been conducting the project “Coccole di Nir,” created to let in orphanages and shelters in the southern hemisphere anything that can make the kids happy.
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21 Nov

Beauty | Casting Sunkiss by L’Oreal Paris


The warm sun kissing your skin, the smell of salt air all around, the sand under the fingers and a gentle breeze that moves the hair, that shine with its own light enveloping them.

With the arrival of the Fall season all these features become far memories and with it our hair lose that particular brightness that sunlight had given … but not this year! L’Oreal Paris has created ...
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