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17 Dic

Beauty | Mediterranea cosmetic

The Summer blaze with a hot sun and a relentless heat. A field with flowers all around and in the air buzzing of bees that seem to lull.

Opening a bottle of Mediterranea products of the line Miele di Acacia is like to immerse yourself and be carried away in a bucolic and harmonious place, a context in contact with nature to get back to basics.

The Bagno Doccia Miele di Acacia should be applied...
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7 Dic

Beauty | October My Beauty Box

The cold Fall turns into an icy Winter, the closet appear the first sweaters and cool drinks are transformed into teas and hot chocolate. With the change of season is also denotes a desire to start over and start again from scratch, perhaps dedicating ourselves to a new hobby or a new love. The important thing is to be and feel glamorous and flawless even in moments of leisure and work and just that was dedicate...
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20 Ott

Milano Fashion Week: L’F Shoes Presentation 2014/2015

Good morning.

The most beautiful words that a person can hear just before woke up, with sleepy chink eyes and stranded hands.

A sweet good morning from the terrace of the Hotel Il Pellicano, in the Argentario,  it’s the beginning of the Spring/Summer 2014/2015 collection  L’F shoes by Licia Florio e Francio Ferrari. Like the fascinating sound of the words Good Morning, that have innate ...
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15 Set

Look of the day: Pieces

Pieces of a life, lived in a perfect precarious equilibrium between dreams and reality, desire and need. Between places and people where you left and found something of you.

Between a walk at 6 AM only to see a golden dawn after a night spent with your sweater on, that is always too long for me that seems a dress and with those sleeves that overstep the point of my fingers. Those same fingers that sketch...
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11 Set

Look of the day: Believe

Believe in something, in everything that makes you feel happy.

Believe really and deeply in something. Lose yourself  to find another you, a better you.

Believe that simple doesn’t mean easy but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. You can pass through storms but, after the hard times, you can find inside of you the strenght of rising like the phoenix…  Post fata resurgo , after...
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