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Beauty | October My Beauty Box

The cold Fall turns into an icy Winter, the closet appear the first sweaters and cool drinks are transformed into teas and hot chocolate. With the change of season is also denotes a desire to start over and start again from scratch, perhaps dedicating ourselves to a new hobby or a new love. The important thing is to be and feel glamorous and flawless even in moments of leisure and work and just that was dedicate...
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11 Set

Look of the day: Believe

Believe in something, in everything that makes you feel happy.

Believe really and deeply in something. Lose yourself  to find another you, a better you.

Believe that simple doesn’t mean easy but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. You can pass through storms but, after the hard times, you can find inside of you the strenght of rising like the phoenix…  Post fata resurgo , after...
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9 Set

Look of the day: Simple

Simple like listening Lou Reed singing “Sunday Morining” because there’s nothing easy like this day of the week in that particular moment.

Simple like having no tasks, no duties to look every time at the watch.  Simply like a late breakfast with a cup of hot coffee and three biscuits with raspberry marmalade. Like following a dream and don’t listen to other opinions. Simple like b...
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8 Set

July My Beauty Box

Sea, mountain or an important city, no matter where we are one of the most important things is to feeling beautiful also on holiday and for the month of July, My Beauty Box, with the ” The Travel Kit” edition, has booked for us a selection of products that will help us to be perfect also on the beach or on the top of a mountain.

You can purchase My Beauty Box with a special discount by adding the c...
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4 Set

Look of the day: September is the new January

I’ve heard that for some people the New Year’s Eve was the 1st of September.

It’s that time to start again… With thoughts and aims. My “new year” was starting with lot of new projects, inspirations and a plenty of things that must be done as soon as possible. I deeply wanted them and now they are finally arrived.

I will not tell anymore Tomorrow instead of Today,...
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