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15 Apr

The Fashion Interview | Laura Comolli from Purses and I

Fashion weeks each season crown undisputed queens and kings of street-style. From cosmopolitan New York to urban London, from the stylish Paris and our Milan who law in terms of trends are journalists, bloggers, It-Girl and influencers who give special outfits to the shots of the photographers.

The trends born on the street even before than the catwalks. If an accessory becomes fashionable will be beca...
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14 Apr

Look of the day: Alekos

They say that walking melt thoughts, especially if you can do in the open air away from the chaos of the city. They say that helps to make things clear, to understand things, to dispel the fog made of doubts and anxieties. They say.

At night, when the rest of the city sleeps, I like to take my blank paper, locked in a bound folder that has become my treasure chest, and carefully choose a pencil. I like to...
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13 Apr

Beauty | [ comfort zone ] Body Week

The outward wellness passes, first of all, through the inner, it’s impossible to feel good outside if you are not good with yourself on there inside. This philosophy is the basis of [comfort zone], Italian beauty brand born in Parma in 1996 and that clearly distinguishes the sector of skincare of Davines Group, founded in 1983 by the family Bollati, where science and passion blend together to create a com...
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10 Apr

Look of the day: Luz

“ I read once that the ancient wisemen believed that there was a tiny bone in the body, indestructible, on the end of the backbone. It’s called Luz in Hebrew, and it doesn’t decompose after death or burned in the fire. From there, from that tiny bone, the man will be recreated at the resurrection of the dead. So for a while I made a little game: I was trying to guess what was the luz of pe...
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9 Apr

C. Loves | Chiara Bellini

The days in this month of April are getting longer, giving us a few more hours of sun and warmth and take us to the Summer, like old dear friends.

It’s time of the dreaded change the wardrobe where from the warm and dark coats, they left space to froufrou dresses and colored and light garments. Bossy is the desire of bright and vibrant tones, alive and energetic and it’s perfect treat yourse...
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