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30 Mar

Oscar Mamooi for Celebration, a tribute to Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi, undisputed style and fashion icon of the worldwide journalism, above all true lover of the true fashion. Oscar Mamooi, eclectic designer and stylist of international renown, along with Alessandro De Lorenzo, owner of the prestigious Venetian boutique Boudoir give birth to a line of sunglasses inspired precisely to the muse of Karl Lagerfeld and pen of Vogue Italia.

Celebration is an Italian p...
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27 Mar

Beauty | Davines Essential Haircare NouNou

A fresh and glamour cut, a silky and petting hair. The fingers of the beloved flowing smooth the natural hair waves while you are reeling under the duvet at dawn, nibbling away at precious minutes to the inclemency of the wake-up alarm.

Few strands spiteful slips on the face and between a smile and a loving skirmish, the shy sun of the morning leaves shine even more the untamed hair.

Having heal...
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26 Mar

Look of the day: I believe in a thing called Love

I believe in that feeling called Love. I think its best expression is not the sentence I love you but the gaze and load to subtle meanings that exchange two lovers in a crowd insensitive souls.

In a world full of people are only a few the one who dare to fly and live. It is said between to live and to exist you have the key and the conscious choose to live is the greatest decision of love we can give to o...
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24 Mar

Hawaii calls Italy |Tokyo edition: Urban bohemian

Urban bohemian, one of the most popular trends of the moment in fashion and lifestyle. A mix of inspirations binding together Maroccan arabesques, Peruvian tribal prints, vibrant fabrics from Mexico, Native American fringes, gypsy ruffles and lace trims, denim and cowboy hats, all reinterpreted in a bohemian chic and sometimes "urban" twist. A indipendent, sophisticated woman, who knows how to add a hint of humor to her city outfits, ready to travel and explore, but without sacrificing style and charme even in the most extreme conditions. I know many Californian, Australian and Hawaiian designers (previous articles) who love this trend, but during my trip to Tokyo, I noted that even several Japanese brands have choose to leave the “classic minimalist style" to embrace a...
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