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Author: Carolina Ogliaro

20 Mag

The importance of skincare and makeup during the lockdown

This very particular moment we are living has changed a lot our habits and we are now experiencing a new “normality”.

Being lockdown at home gave us time to reflect…to reflect about what we like and what we don’t like anymore, to what is time to let go and to what is time to focus on. But it also gave us time to take care about ourselves much more.

Having finally some...
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13 Mag

Fashion | May favorites

We are slowly and prudently going out from the lockdown phase. We must not mistakenly think that the virus is gone, but we must still return to live, in a different way with more precautions, but we must take our lives back in hand.Often in recent months, some people have asked me if buying a bag, a pair of shoes or a dress was too frivolous at the moment that we are living … I am of the idea that we must use our heads and be responsible but this doesn't mean that we have to give up those little things that cheer us up the day and make us happy. If buying a dress to wear after the quarantine...
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28 Apr

Storie Veneziane By Valmont

Quante sfaccettature può avere l’animo umano? Decimo Giunio Giovenale disse che molti individui, come i diamanti grezzi, nascondono splendide qualità dietro all’apparenza.

Spesso tendiamo a nascondere il nostro vero io e la nostra reale personalità. Non siamo fatti per chiunque, le caratteristiche più intime vogliamo tenerle per noi e per la nostra cerchia selezionata, ma ciò che custodia...
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26 Mar

Fashion | March favorites

Fashion during the Covid19 emergency.

This is a really hard time for te worldwide population, the spread of the Coronavirus has completely change our habits and ways of living. We are currently in the middle of an uncertain moment but we should see it as the beginning of a new era.

We were living a too fast life, we almost forgot how beautiful was to be simply relax, wi...
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25 Feb

Beauty | Abiby, la beauty box avanguardista e di nicchia

Alzi la mano chi non è patito di skincare e prodotti makeup. Se la avete alzata, scommetto che come me, siete patiti del provare sempre prodotti nuovi e innovativi.

Devo ammettere che adoro i prodotti all’avanguardia e di nicchia e sono sempre alla ricerca di novità interessanti. La soluzione migliore per me che ho testato con risultati assolutamente positivi e soddisfacen...
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